Our Company Focus

We are a family owned company, focused on creating sustainability and healthy growth within the cannabis industry. Our goal is to create consistency in the way we cultivate, process, and retail our brands and products across all legal states. 


Our Founder

Clent Baker is the founder and creative mind behind the brands we build within the cannabis space. His primary focus is building a sustainable culture within the cannabis industry by collaborating and working closely with others  to help educate and bring forth the very best this industry has to offer. 

In addition to his background in cannabis, Clent has extensive business experience in management, leadership, sales, and marketing spanning more than 20 years in corporate environments. He has worked for some of the nation's top corporations; such as, McKesson, AT&T, and Verizon managing large scale operations and responsible for annual  revenues in excess of $11 billion.

Clent is very active within the lobbying committees, in both Texas and Oregon, working to educate our legislators and key political figures about the true medicinal benefits of cannabis.


Our Projects


Named after our father, Papa Jesus Farms focuses on signature house, boutique, and heirloom cannabis strains that are hand-crafted and cultivated using an all organic farming approach.

Each strain is hand selected from some of the world's best genetic lines and carefully crafted to provide consumers with a premium quality, small batch product that highlights the cannabis strain for it's true attributes. 

You can find Papa Jesus Farms premium cannabis products throughout the state of Oklahoma. 


PHéNO is a boutique cannabis dispensary shop focused on providing consumers with the highest quality cannabis products from local producers and processors.

Our vision is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers, while providing them with a diverse selection of premium quality products.

FUEGO by Papa Jesus Farms

Fuego, Spanish for fire, is a cannabis dispensary that sets true to it's name by focusing on carrying the highest grade cannabis flower, concentrates, and cannabis products. 

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